Budninkų str.1A, Maišiagala

It is planned to build a new warehouse, attributed to the class “A”, together with the administrative premises (the building permit is available). 
The total designed space is 8670 m² (the warehouses ─ 7580 m², the offices and utility rooms ─ 1090 m²).
The possibility to rent the smaller/bigger premises ─ as desired.
The envisaged working height of the warehouse premises is 6 m. 
The project envisages the possibility for the cargo transport vehicles to enter certain premises.
It is planned to install the sectional sliding gates in the warehouse, to equip the roofed hydraulic ramps and to lay the industrial concrete floor with the anti-dust surface.
The autonomous gas heating and ventilation as well as the smoke removal system are designed. The project envisages autonomous accounting of public utilities, supplied to each facility.
It is planned to install the fire-prevention and security alarm systems, to connect the fibre-optic Internet and telephone lines in the premises.
It is foreseen that the physical guarding and video surveillance will be carried out within 24 hours per day.
A spacious parking lot, assigned for cars and cargo transport vehicles, near the premises is designed; it is planned to asphalt and to fence the territory.
The warehouse will be built in a convenient location near the Maišiagala transport junction, in a well-seen and easily accessible place, near the highway A2 “Vilnius-Ukmergė-Panevėžys“. The operating companies, including the private JSC “Hörmann Baltic“, the private JSC “ Entafarma“ and the private JSC “August ir Ko“, are located nearby.

Seeking for a more detailed information, You are welcome to contact the private JSC “Arvydo paslaugos“ by phone: +370 633 05577.

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