Kirtimų str. 53

The warehouse, attributed to the class “B“. The year 1981 is the year of finalisation of construction. The warehouse was newly insulated and tinplated in the year 2014.
The total space is 11200 м² (the warehouses ─ 9700 m², the offices and utility rooms – 1500 m²).
The warehouses are not heated, but preserve the positive temperature: in winter  ─ not lower than +4⁰С, in summer ─ not higher than +22⁰C.
The sectional sliding gates, the hydraulic and stationary ramps.
There are the warehouses with the possibility for the cargo transport vehicles to enter these warehouses. 
The working height of the warehouse premises is 6 m.
The fenced asphalted territory. The physical guarding and video surveillance within 24 hours per day.
The fire-prevention and security alarm systems. The fibre-optic TEO Internet and TEO telephone lines.
There is a spacious parking lot, assigned for cars and cargo transport vehicles, near the premises.
The warehouse is located near the road; it is well-seen and conveniently accessible for cars and cargo transport vehicles.


  • I floor
  • II floor
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